Change and Fear…

Originally Posted on October 1, 2017 by BJ Howell.

As the season changes and it gets a little chilly, I must remind myself that change is a good thing. I have not met many who have liked change (myself included) because there is a certain level of “the unknown” attached to it.  There are many who, out of fear, dig their heels in when change is on the horizon.  However, there is a natural cycle or path that living things move within…  If you believe that, you have to also believe that change is constant and always a requirement for growth.  The only options are to embrace change and push through the fear or to remain stagnant.  

So, it is with excitement and a bit of apprehension that I am changing the format of my page/blogs. While I am followed by many, I have a very small “fan” base, so this may not affect many. In the past, my page/blogs have mostly been centered around emotional health and living life with authenticity. Emotional health in individuals and within the context of relationships has always been important to me. I will continue to use my page to promote that. However, while I have been and will continue to be open to anyone and everyone regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc., moving forward, my posts and blogs will be Christ centered and there may be mention of God and/or scriptures more than in the past.  As I continue to honor the path that has been set before me, I hope to continue to help those who read my posts/blogs and those who reach out to me for assistance or services.

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