Be Chosen

Today I was knee deep in a tangled thought process before the revelation came to me. When it came, I said it out loud, as if they were someone else’s words “things don’t have to look like I need them to look for it to be right”. So often I get an idea or a thought and before I know it, in my head, I have created this…thing. This unattainable, perfectly, perfect thing. Unfortunately, that is not how life is. We might be blessed and it look exactly like what we imagined, dreamed of or prayed for. But more often than not, our blessings…and our purpose can come in not so nearly wrapped, sometimes unrecognizable packages. It makes the saying “what God has for me, is for me” so true, yet in a different way. It may not look anything like what we asked for, imagined, or dreamed of, but if it is for us, we have to accept it. If it is for us, God has prepared us for it…or he is prepared to settle in and walk with us through it. God can’t use us if we always look to pick and choose our blessings. Sometimes they choose us and for that I am grateful.

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