Traveling Down Memory Lane

Originally Posted on January 12, 2014 by BJ Howell.

Ok, so I am sitting in the coffee shop enjoying my one “free day” and for some reason they are playing old songs. Normally they play soft rock, pop or more recently holiday music, but I’ve never heard them play 70’s and 80s music. So I am sitting here listening to Culture Club (love, love loved them back in the day), Michael Jackson (back when he was with the Jacksons) and Duran Duran!! WHAT!!?? I mean, I came here to work, but I feel like getting up and dancing (offbeat, of course, because I have no rhythm). But I can’t…I mean, I’m in the coffee shop for goodness sake!

So, I’m minding my own business…working and then I hear the beginnings of Boogie Fever. BOOGIE FEVER!!! My very 1st album (ever) was the Sylvers!! And their song “Boogie Fever” was popular at the time (yes, I know I’m dating myself). I recall getting a record player for my birthday and searching the store with my mom for the album. It was a birthday present, but I insisted that I go with my mom to get the album. Listening to the song 30+ years later brings back such fond memories. This is one of those times when dwelling on the past is a good thing! So, while I continue to work on the work, I will be singing in my head. “I, I’ve got the boogie fever…You, You’ve got the boogie fever… She, She’s got the …“

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