2014…A Year of Growth and Wellbeing, Part 1

Originally Posted on January 6, 2014 by BJ Howell.

I don’t really believe in New Year Resolutions. I do, however, believe in reviewing the past year and making changing (goals) based on whether my life is going in the direction I intend it to go. So, everything isn’t dependent on January 1st. As a matter of fact, I started making changes days before, as soon as I finished my intent goals. If I had finished in November or February, then that’s when I would start implementing steps to reach my goals. And the goals that I created are realistic based on the SMART acronym (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound). In reviewing this past year, there are several things I’d like to work on. Financial and physical health are at the top of the list. One thing that I decided to do, that would help with physical and financial well-being, was to curb my spending habits. More specifically, as it relates to eating out. This was very doable but I wasn’t sure I could hold out, so I made it a mini-goal by planning several months where I focus my attention on semi-healthy food from home.

So January presented my 1st self challenge…30 days of home cooked meals. I’m not really going to cook for 30 days straight so I probably should call it something else, but for now this is it. I planned to not eat out for 30 days with the exception of my once a week trip to the coffee shop. This type of flexible, makes this goal doable for me. I am starting week 2 and still going strong. I cooked 2 meals and have stretched and tweaked the left overs, in addition to fruits and easy to make breakfast/lunches. I actually came home today and didn’t feel like cooking (I plan to cook on the weekends from now on) so I improvised and had breakfast for dinner. Not only did I remain committed to January’s challenge, it actually brought back happy memories of when my mother allowed us to have breakfast for dinner and how much my foster babies enjoyed it also.

So, I am still goal strong, moving forward to increase my wallet and some years onto my life. It’s not a get rich quick or lose 30 pounds in a month goal. It’s a manageable, healthy way that I can progress in the direction of my goals. Slow and steady. If I happen to get off track, do I wait until the next new year or next month or the next Monday? No. I pick up and start from where I am… The only way I know to get to the next level.

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