Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Originally Posted on January 7, 2014 by BJ Howell.

The last couple days have been excruciatingly cold. So cold that I needed a real coat and real shoes (my Crocs simply are not going to keep my toes warm). Schools have delayed the start of their day, there are repeated warnings circulating about freezing pipes…and power companies are asking for consumers to conserve power as they struggle to keep up with the demand. It was so cold this morning that after 10 minutes of “warming up” the temperature gauge on my car didn’t budge. Though all of this, I can’t help thinking about the many homeless people that are out on the streets.

It’s uncomfortable for me to be out for just a few minutes so I can’t imagine being outside for any length of time. So, today I’m prayerful that as we make it through this cold spell, everyone is able to find shelter and safety. If you work or travel through an area that has a large homeless population, travel prepared with extra gloves, scarves, a kind word, anything that will make their day a little brighter (and warmer). If nothing else, find out what resources your city has for the homeless during times like this. Report areas where you find homeless people who may not be aware of what’s available to them. Be cautious approaching anyone that you don’t know. If they are asking for help that you can give, give it. If helping directly is not an option or not safe, with a little research, you will find that there are many ways that you can indirectly help. Hopefully everyone will be able to get their needs met. In the meantime, I wish you warmth.

National Alliance to End Homelessness –
National Directory of Homeless Shelters –

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