Recognizing Stress

Originally Posted on July 20, 2012 by BJ Howell.

The more I speak with people, whether they are clients, co-workers, family members or friends, there is always one characteristic that I can notice quite fast…  It’s their level of stress. Stress has the ability to affect every inch of our being. Everyone feels it at different times in their life and at various levels.  Some stress can be good for us, however, a lot of the time we are dealing with the type of stress that is not healthy for us. Stress that is detrimental to our physical and mental health.  It is important to know that many, if not all illnesses originates from stress.  Stress changes the chemistry of the body causing an effect on the body (and mind), which is why prolonged stress can be deadly.

When we think about how stress can be good for us we think about how it can motivate us, encourage us or how it can give us that boost of energy that helps us move forward.  We welcome that type of stress.  It’s when stress has a negative effect that causes us problems. The type of stress that changes how we view life, how we feel physically and/or mentally and ultimately the type of stress that controls us. That is when it becomes an issue.

In such a fast paced, demanding world, it is hard for us to not have negative stress in our lives.  So, we must take a conscious stand to take control back.  To be able to breathe and not feel the destructive nature of stress on our heels is what the goal should be.  However, to do this we first must recognize those things, situations, people, objects, lifestyles, etc., that cause us stress.  Then we need to put together an individual plan that will help our body and our mind recuperate and then regulate.  Moving forward, the goal is consistent regulation of the mind and body.  Regulation is key to improved health and an enjoyable existence.

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