Simple Steps to a Stress-less Life…

Originally Posted on September 14, 2012 by BJ Howell.

In looking at how to create an individual plan to live a stress-less life, there are some key components of the process that will need to be explored.  What are your current boundaries? How do you make choices?  How do you balance your life? What does your self-talk sound like?  All of these items will help you create your individual plan.

1. Learn to set solid boundaries and don’t apologize for them.

All of us, at one time or another has had difficulty upholding our boundaries.  Some of us may be very good at creating solid boundaries and staying true to them.  Some of us might be people pleasers, so we give of ourselves until we are running on empty.   Most of us fall into a category somewhere in between.  We have one or two people that we consistently allow to invade our space and possibly leaning toward freely giving of ourselves to others but not to ourselves.  Setting personal boundaries is one of the most basic things that we can do in terms of living with less stress.  It can also be one of the most difficult, as we are pulled in different directions by the people we love, or a job we need, or a relationship that is overwhelming.  Think realistically.  What do you need from each relationship to feel comfortable and at peace?  Set those boundaries.  Explain them once (or more if it involves your children), and stick to it!

2. Choose your path and take control of your life.

Understand that life happens, and if you choose not to choose…that’s a choice. Sometimes we sit back a let things happen and complain about the outcome.  This not only creates stress, it also creates a false sense of living.  Acknowledge that there will be times when your options are not great, however, make the choice anyway.  The amount of worry and stress that comes when you “can’t decide” is really not worth it.  Choose a direction and know that at any time you can change the direction if needed.  Choosing to live a certain lifestyle, and taking the steps (continued choices) to make that happen can put you on the path to a stress-less life.

3. Balance your life by learning what things take priority.

Balancing your life is as simple as knowing when to assert yourself and when it is okay to give a little in one area and balance it out in another area to make sure that you are not overloading yourself.  This could be with family commitments, jobs, children, spouses, etc.  The bottom line is that emotions, physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion all cause stress.  Knowing how to balance all of the aspect of your life is important.  This can be done by writing down your priorities.  Knowing what is important to you will help you when you need to…or choose to drop something from the lineup so you are more in balance (and less stressed).

4. Self-talk your way through difficult days.

This is added because of the magnitude of our own words.  Self-talk can sometimes be equated to bullying.  However, if you can train your self-talk to encourage you on this journey you will be more successful.  To do this, brainstorm what difficulties you think you may run into and think of how you can coach yourself through it.

Finally, complete your plan with some stress relieving activities.

Some tools that can help you are: breathing exercises, progressive relaxation, meditation, yoga, affirmations, walking, running, zumba, healthy eating, quietly drinking a cup of tea, being conscious, living in the moment, etc.

In this journey you choose what works for you.  You should experiment to see what you enjoy or what makes sense in your life and incorporate one item at a time until you have a plan that works for you.

Be Empowered!

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